Why Does Great Hair Matter?
11 / 17 / 21

Why Does Great Hair Matter?

At On Stage Hair Studio, we provide countless ways for our clients to enjoy a full head of healthy hair. We would love to talk with your more about hair restoration for men and women, extensions and topper or simply getting your hair cut, colored, or permed, our stylists are standing by.

We offer this range of services due to our simple conviction that having great hair matters. It’s not just about aesthetics. The quality of your hair can have a big impact on your self-perception, and it can even affect outcomes in your personal and professional lives.

Allow us to share just a few of the reasons why we think having great hair is truly important.

Why Great Hair Matters

It matters for your self-image.

First things first: Having great hair matters for how it affects your sense of self. Simply put, if you have thinning or poor-quality hair, it can make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious. That degradation of self-esteem might spill over into other aspects of your life, too. For instance, your sub-par hair may rob you of the confidence you need to ask someone out, or to throw your hat into the ring for that big promotion at work. More than anything else, though, bad hair can take your inner peace, your satisfaction in your own worth, beauty, and dignity.

It matters for your love life.

Let’s be real: Even those of us who take pride in not being shallow, and in never judging books by their cover, still gravitate toward those things that are aesthetically pleasing. We’re still attracted, first and foremost, to people who look beautiful and put-together. So, what does that mean for you and your hair? Well, to maximize your odds of success on dating apps or in real-world relationships, having a good look (and the self-esteem that comes with it) can really go a long way. We’ll go out on a limb and say that better hair tends to equal a better dating life, plain and simple.

It matters for your career.

As much as we might like to believe otherwise, there are still an awful lot of workplace decisions that are made on the basis of appearances. The people who look the most beautiful or the most handsome tend to be the people who get the big accounts, the promotions, and the pay raises. That’s why we see so many clients who want their hair styled, colored, or cut in advance of a big job interview: The way you present yourself to the world can really have a big impact on your professional fortunes.

It might even matter for your health.

One final note: In some cases, the state of your hair may reveal something about the state of your health. We don’t want to overstate the connection, but often thinning hair is the result of unhealthy scalp conditions, which may reflect sub-optimal skin health more generally. If you’ve noticed your great hair starting to thin out, it may be worth checking with a professional to see if there are any underlying health concerns you should be aware of.

Get Great Hair from On Stage Hair Studio

There are plenty of reasons why great hair is desirable… and with On Stage Hair Studio, great hair is also attainable. We’d love to tell you more about the options available for improving, restoring, or simply styling your hair. To find out more, schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation or contact our studio in Slidell, LA at your convenience.