Tips for Oily Hair
11 / 17 / 18

Tips for Oily Hair

Do you feel as if you are continually washing your hair, only to see it looking oily again a few hours later? At On Stage, our stylists understand the issues of our Slidell hair salon clients with oily hair, and we can help! If you are tired of washing your hair in the morning and then again in the afternoon in an attempt to keep it looking fresh and oil-free, make an appointment with one of our stylists. We can select specific products that will make a difference in the health and condition of your hair.

Tip #1: Switch to a Different Shampoo

Sadly, your shampoo may be one of the culprits in making your oily hair condition even worse. Oily hair needs a shampoo with ingredients will target the specific issues of hair that battles over-active glands and oil production. For excellent results, we suggest Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Two. This product can deeply cleanse oily hair and scalp, while leaving hair fresh, shiny and full of body. It also minimizes oil production so your hair will become less oily over time. You’ll love the fresh lemon fragrance, and if your hair has been color-treated, you will enjoy the benefit of this product’s color safe ingredients.

Tip #2: Rinse Thoroughly with Cool Water

Residue from shampoo and conditioner that is left on the hair and scalp can make oily hair worse. After shampooing, use cool or lukewarm water to thoroughly rinse shampoo and conditioner from your hair. Although it might seem tempting to rinse your hair in water that is piping hot, this should be avoided. Hot water can be damaging to the hair cuticle and can also lead to a dry flaky scalp. A cool water rinse will not only save your scalp, it will help to seal the hair cuticle which will give your hair a healthy shine.

Tip #3: Condition Only the Ends

Adding conditioner to the scalp area can weigh your hair down as well as contribute to more oil around the root area. If you use conditioner, apply the product only from the mid-section of your hair down to the tips and avoid the roots and scalp. Always rinse thoroughly to remove leftover product in your hair.

Tip #4: Choose a Natural Bristle Brush

Finally, purchase a natural bristle brush such as a boar’s hair brush. While a boar’s hair brush is more expensive than other varieties, the benefits are well worth the few extra dollars in cost. A boar’s hair brush has the fabulous ability to help soak up extra oil from your hair and redistribute it along the dry lengths to better condition the bottom of your hair and increase shine. It will provide better results than a synthetic hairbrush.