Tips for Frizz Free Hair
11 / 02 / 18

Tips for Frizz Free Hair

Tired of battling frizzy hair? With the proper products and a little extra care, your hair can be transformed from out of control to sleek and smooth.

What Causes Frizz?

Frizzy, unruly hair has many causes, but generally, the underlying issue is a lack of moisture. Many things can strip your hair of its moisture and natural oils. Chemical treatments, heat styling, and harsh shampoos are all culprits and can leave your hair feeling dry, stressed, and begging for hydration. Naturally, curly hair also tends to be more dry and frizzy than other hair types.

How Do You Fight Frizz?

Tip #1: Pamper Your Hair with Moisture

Washing your hair too often, especially with a harsh shampoo, is a guaranteed way to rob your hair of precious moisture. If your hair will allow, skip a day between shampoos, and choose a shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free and rich in emollients. The Awapuhi Wild Ginger line from Paul Mitchell is an excellent option. Wild Ginger products will not only restore moisture levels, but also repair the damage, improve elasticity, and reduce frizz. A leave in conditioner can give your hair an added dose of hydration and protection. Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-In Treatment is an excellent lightweight leave-in conditioning treatment that will not weigh your hair down. It helps to tame frizz, protect against damage, and detangle. Perfect for our Slidell hair salon guests with curly hair!

Tip #2: Comb Instead of Brush

Tangles, especially in very curly hair, should be combed out when the hair is wet. Combing your hair after it has dried can make it frizzy and too full.

Tip #3: Use a Smoothing Serum

A smoothing serum, such as Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell, can be a lifesaver for frizzy hair. This product will smooth, condition, and seal hair for styles that are shiny and frizz free, even in humid weather. This product also speeds up drying time so you get silky hair in less time. It works by penetrating deep into hair to displace water and constrict hair for fast drying and styling. A winner of several awards, Super Skinny will give you amazing smooth results!

Tip #4: Limit Heat Styling

Using a blow dryer too much, especially using a high heat setting, can be a source of dull, frizzy hair, static, and even split ends. Invest in a good quality hair dryer with an adjustable heat setting, and use the coolest setting possible. Ionic blow dryers are the best. You can also use a diffuser on the end of the dryer to avoid over heating your hair. Air dry your hair when possible, especially if your hair is curly.

Flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers are fabulous for creating beautiful styles, but they are notorious for stripping moisture from your hair. Before you blow dry, use a protective heat spray or serum. This will help to prevent frizz and will also seal and protect the hair cuticle from damage that can be caused by high temperatures. Heat protectants are important for all hair types, but especially for anyone who has fine hair, which can be more easily damaged than coarse textures. You can apply the heat protectant spray or serum to your hair while it is wet or still damp so that your hair can absorb it more easily before styling. Never use a curling iron or flat iron on wet or damp hair. This can cause serious damage to the hair cuticle.

Tip #5: Try a Keratriplex Treatment

For the ultimate frizz buster, schedule an appointment for a keratriplex treatment at our salon. A Wild Ginger Keratriplex treatment is an exclusive deep conditioning treatment that contains a blend of three vital keratin proteins that penetrate the hair cuticle, rebuilding damaged and weak areas and reinforcing the hair. The hair is encompassed with a “shield” that protects the hair from future damage and making each strand smooth and silky. Your hair will feel thoroughly rejuvenated, strong and healthy in just one salon appointment. Keratriplex repairs years of damage in minutes. Proven to reduce breakage up to 80%, improves shine up to 35%, and prevents color fade up to 67%.